Dating a taurus man who is patti stanger dating

His attention to detail in this area is well worth the wait.The Taurus man likes the finer things in life, including dates that involve good food and lots of laughter.Dinner and a movie may sound very 1980s, but it works for Taurus even in the 21st century because it’s intimate.What he most wants when dating is to be with someone he can spend quality time with.This is not dissimilar to his slow, methodical approach to sex.He loves to savor each and every moment and make it last, working up to the moment most everyone strives for in a romantic connection.And although he may not go for the superficial type, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress.

He’d rather see you enjoying the moment and savoring the sweetness of getting something you really want.He’s definitely not going to rush to fill up your calendar right away, and you may even take his lack of inertia as non-interest. He doesn’t like to rush into anything, especially a dating relationship.For him, slow and steady works best, steadily increasing the closeness between you.When it comes to dating, a Taurus man knows what he wants—a deep connection with a like-minded soul.Still, despite his surety, he may not be as bold and confident about going after it.

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The more interesting you are, the more into you he’ll be.

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