Dating a narcissictic person ready to give up on dating

Your narcissistic date will demand your full attention.They do not do well when you are distracted by someone or something else.Narcissists see themselves as special and deserving of admiration and acknowledgement—and they expect special treatment to go along with it.

Listen for a litany of complaints about his life, job, living situation, or anything he talks about. They go postal over anything they perceive as an inconvenience.

He might actually go through a red light because he thinks it has been red too long and he is tired of the city government controlling his traffic flow. ) Manic to feel appreciated and annoyed when he feels dismissed, your date may make sure you know how expensive the dinner was and how much trouble he went through to get the reservations, or some other veiled complaint about all the trouble he went to…just for you.

No matter how grateful you are though, you never quite feel like he believes it.

(Also, the articles and hilarious memes on their Facebook page bring tears to our eyes!

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  1. If you find someone to talk to that seems interesting, just stop pressing the "next" button and you will be able to talk with that person until one of you presses the “next” button to exit the conversation.