Dating a codependent women

I decided I would stay where I was and just watch from the beach. The biggest problem that a Codependent has is that they do not like losing control of a situation. And she knew something was the matter, LOL (I love women because of how good they are at reading us silly men. Because a Codependent is so easily thrown off and shaken from his core, other people can read us like a book.This is quite funny because Codependents are also easily controlled. They can see that something is disturbing us, even if we aren’t willing to admit it or talk about it.It’s no surprise that codependents often date people with BPD. You wouldn’t guess it from reading my blog, but it’s true! If this were true, there would be no need for drugs (and as you probably know, drugs only suppress issues – not eliminate them for good). We are creatures of habit and when you’ve been doing something for years and years, you can’t just forget about it.This is why I’ve been saying for years that being codependent is actually worse than having BPD. Because the codependent is a glutton for punishment. The simple fact is this: you cannot completely cure mentality issues. So what I do is I teach people about REprogramming their brain. This is what’s responsible for your day to day living.They take all the abuse on the chin and look the other way. Nowhere in anything I teach do I tell people that you just delete your old behaviors and mentality. It’s responsible for your current life situation, believe it or not.

Here are some practical ways to make sure that, going forward, you don't compromise your hopes and desires for someone who isn't worth your time: When you are in a codependent relationship, it might be hard to separate yourself from a partner in order to accomplish your goals.It’s why Codependents are very easily pushed over the edge and easy to anger. After my girl came out of the water in her cute black two piece (don’t tell my current girlfriend that I said that), she headed up the beach to her towel next to me. My ex being the type of girl that she was (which was an overly dramatic Borderline), she says to me: “Don’t lie Rick I know when somethings up.You didn’t like me talking to those guys in the water, did you?I did what all Codependents do: I tried to diffuse the situation (and hide my feelings). She could read my jealousy and insecurity all over my face when she was walking up. If I was the person I am now and said these exact same words, her reaction would have been completely different.In fact, she wouldn’t have even asked me that question in the first place since she would that her talking to those guys truly doesn’t bother me.

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When you learn how to become conscious of all the bad programming you have… you can go to work right away at REprogramming your mind.

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