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I pushed the comb to the right about 1/2″ and the sites lined up in a perfect figure 8 (mid bead touching and just below the front site).

That is the expected alignment for a flat-shooting gun (50% of shot above the aim point and 50% below). While great for sporting clays and hunting, not so great for skeet.

My Citori XS Special has had more than 10,000 rounds through it and been through the grinder that is the NSSA Mini-World and World Skeet competition in San Antonio.

This allows for better visibility of the target as the barrel never has to cover up the bird to hit it.Our user-friendly search tool allows you to find the exact firearm you want to know about.You are able to quickly narrow down the possibilities based on a number of characteristics, including model, action type, caliber or gauge, barrel length, serial numbers, and more.When I pulled the gun up I noticed that my jaw was pushing the stock to the right.It made getting the mid-bead and front-site aligned a bit awkward so the first adjustment was cast.

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