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Before Three Rivers, the androgynous-looking Moennig was a regular on lesbian-themed drama The L Word, which earned her a huge female fanbase.'Not for one second do I think I'm hotter than Kate,' said Henney, chuckling.'She's way hotter than me, she has a bunch of great tattoos and a really cool attitude.'If he could have his way, he'd love to have his character 'hook up' with hers on the show.Moennig plays rebellious surgical fellow Dr Miranda Foster, a colleague of Henney's Dr Lee.Sexylicious actor Daniel Henney blames his hectic work schedule and his constant travelling for his bachelor status.Daniel explains that whilst he's constantly travelling to different countries for work he has no time to date or have a serious girlfriend.The film which also starred Uhm Jung-hwa was a national and international success and was responsible for introducing a multi-lingual form of dialogue that later became popular in South Korean films.His next feature film, His father, Philip is an Irish American while his mother, Christine is a Korean American. There is little or no information about Daniel Henney’s siblings and while there is speculation about his siblings, there is actually no confirmation that he actually has sisters or brothers.Unfortunately, the first season of Three Rivers ended its run last November in the US and the series has been cancelled.Henney was speaking to us from Los Angeles, one of the many cities his burgeoning career has taken him to.

The 13-episode series, which also stars Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin and US actress Katherine Moennig, opens next Wednesday at 10pm on Sony Entertainment Television (mio TV Ch 20).At one point, the producers were exploring the idea of developing their relationship as a story arc, he said.But it eventually failed to materialise.'Somehow, it's still kind of taboo for doctors to hook up onscreen,' he said.it's been a while.'The hunk, who became a household name in Asia after snagging a meaty role in the 2005 Korean comedy series My Lovely Sam Soon, revealed candidly that he has been unattached 'for three to four years'.He broke up with his last serious girlfriend after he started working actively in Korea.

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