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“He finally has a job commensurate to his talents,” said his friend Al Franken. “We made TV shows under exceptionally difficult circumstances with antiquated equipment, language difficulties, physical danger and a Communist hangover mentality,” Mr. “After that, I could make a TV program anywhere.” Even in the cutthroat environment of late-night network TV?

Much of his success, or lack of it, will be tied to Craig Kilborn, who inherits the Late Late Show chair from Tom Snyder on March 30. Kimball, another good-looking preppy with a flair for irony. Kimball is well connected, counting among his close friends such opposites as New York playwright Wendy Wasserstein and California conservative Arianna Huffington.

“Some producers are good executives, some are good schmoozers, and some hold the hand of the star,” said lawyer and Comedy Central game-show host Ben Stein, who recently guested on a Late Late Show test program. Now he has a loft downtown (which he’s subletting) and a summer house in Cutchogue, L. “He was mature beyond his years when he arrived at college,” said Mr. Kimball spent most of his time during college at the Lampoon , on social outings to New York and with various women.

“Billy is just so funny, almost otherworldly funny.” But a sense of humor is obviously not the only criterion for a successful producer, and grumblings about Mr. “Everything else recedes when you get into the rigors of trying to make the damn thing,” he said. Kimball is creating will reflect his topical, newsy sensibility; Mr. Kimball has developed a vision for the show and a point of view. Kilborn will preside over an informal set with a small audience, and no sidekick or band. Kilborn occasionally breaking into a dance, or walking over to a bookshelf to read some history. Though not particularly wealthy himself, he surrounded himself with wealthy people.

“They’re not linked in any way, shape or form.” In an e-mail sent to his fans over the weekend, Green explained that Monica had dated a writer from his show a few times, and the couple had said hello to him backstage.

“Andy Dick [star of “News Radio”] was with us, too. “The only reason I’m trying to set the record straight is because I just met [a new] girl a few weeks ago and I really like her …

Kimball also reportedly danced in his underwear to “It’s Raining Men” at one of the Lampoon ‘s more legendary parties, the Sexual Depravity Dinner; joining him at the party was a live camel.

Kimball’s knowledge of politics, not to mention his Rolodex.

“He has a great feel for getting a lot of production value from not much money, and of using a talk show conceptually to do comedy,” said Mr.

met, but the chances of them hooking up are about as likely as Monica visiting the Oval Office again any time soon.

And Green is desperate to set the record straight because he fears his new girlfriend will think he’s two-timing her with the femme fatale whose trysts with President Clinton nearly brought down the White House.

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