Correct dating mistake

Whomever made the mistake should be the party to correct it.

Since you are being vague about what you are talking about I can't give you a more specific answer about who to go to for fixing it.

According to current research, our behavior is often dictated by neurons that our brains fire off.

And those neurons like familiar pathways as much as our psyches and emotions do!

For instance, say someone asked, "How many edges does a cube have?

" The correct answer is 12 edges, but you wouldn't know that, so let's say they said "A cube has 8 edges." This is a very small mistake because this person got confused with vertices and edges, but…

In India the current regulation effective from 2010 is to allow only the date to be changed. For example the older entry needs to be circled and a new entry be made.

There needs to be a signature [full as per the record and not just initial]. 99% of the time (and possibly a few more nines after that), no one pays attention to anything on a check other than the numerical amount.

But our neurology explains why discovering a new pattern requires more conscious effort on our part.

I once heard Daniel Siegel, author of several books on the subject, speak on the subject.

Here's the wonderful image he offered to describe what is happening in the brain: Imagine that you are going to a park to feed the ducks on the lake. There is high grass going down the hill towards the lake.

A check with the previous year on it may be considered a stale check, and may be refused by the bank.

The person writing the check must correct it if that happens.

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