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(g) Writing plans either on a systems basis, on an individual contract basis, or on an individual order basis, depending upon the acquisition. (f) Ensuring that the statement of work is closely aligned with performance outcomes and cost estimates. For other than firm-fixed-price contracts, ensuring that the plan is approved and signed at least one level above the contracting officer. (h) Ensuring that the principles of this subpart are used, as appropriate, for those acquisitions that do not require a written plan as well as for those that do. (j) Reviewing and approving acquisition plans and revisions to these plans to ensure compliance with FAR requirements including .If the plan proposes using other than full and open competition when awarding a contract, the plan shall also be coordinated with the cognizant advocate for competition.(d) The planner shall coordinate the acquisition plan or strategy with the cognizant small business specialist when the strategy contemplates an acquisition meeting the thresholds in (e) The planner shall ensure that a COR is nominated as early as practicable in the acquisition process by the requirements official or in accordance with agency procedures.

(m) Waiving requirements of detail and formality, as necessary, in planning for acquisitions having compressed delivery or performance schedules because of the urgency of the need.This includes ensuring that only necessary and cost-effective requirements are included, at the most appropriate time in the acquisition cycle, in solicitations and resulting contracts for the design, development, and production of new systems, or for modifications to existing systems that involve redesign of systems or subsystems. If contract performance is to be in a designated operational area or supporting a diplomatic or consular mission, the planner shall also consider inclusion of the combatant commander or chief of mission, as appropriate.“Life-cycle cost” means the total cost to the Government of acquiring, operating, supporting, and (if applicable) disposing of the items being acquired. The planner should review previous plans for similar acquisitions and discuss them with the key personnel involved in those acquisitions. (l) Establishing standard acquisition plan formats, if desired, suitable to agency needs. (c) Ensuring that acquisition planners address the requirement to specify needs, develop specifications, and to solicit offers in such a manner to promote and provide for full and open competition with due regard to the nature of the supplies and services to be acquired (10 U. (k) Establishing criteria and thresholds at which design-to-cost and life-cycle-cost techniques will be used.

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