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Identifying and understanding the categories of these users will help get the full Tinder experience.

This guide will portray some of the stereotypical users and which is the best way to slide into their messages to ensure a witty response from a match. This guy’s profile picture will most likely be him driving a tractor or drinking Keystone Light with his buddies. The best way to message this guy is to tell him that his tractor is sexy (Kenny Chesney lyrics that aren’t worth looking into).

How to hit on these users is undetermined due to the fact they spend all of their time hitting the gym and drinking protein shakes.

The Outdoorsman: Easy to spot because they will have the statement ‘avid outdoorsmen’ in their bio.

These users are similar to the cowboy minus the part where they pretend they reside from the South.

Complimenting the picture of the trout he caught on the Sac River is sure to impress this dude.

The Greek lifers: These users have the letters to their sorority or fraternity in their profile.

Their profiles will include photos of them partying with their brothers or sisters.

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Most users can fall into one of these categories or somewhere in between the spectrum.

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