Chuck bass and vanessa dating in real life

In School Lies, Vanessa films Dan for a documentary she's making to enter in a contest, hoping to win some prize money.One night, he's invited by girlfriend Serena van der Woodsen to attend a spontaneous pool party being thrown at Constance Billard/St. Once Dan and Vanessa arrive, they witness an accident in which a boy almost drowns.Later that day, Vanessa gives the real tape to Blair, explaining that the tape she gave Chuck was a blank one.As a result, Blair pays Vanessa's rent for a month and Vanessa tells her that she used the money from Chuck to create a medical grant for teens with genital herpes in his name.However, Vanessa is unsure if her efforts worked until she sees Blair leave the party without Nate.The next day, it's revealed that she and Chuck slept together (Remains of the J).In Chuck In Real Life, Vanessa attempts to save a historic bar in Brooklyn from being shut down.

wikia JWPlayer=:wikia JWPlayer);define('wikia.article Video.featured Video.autoplay',['Test','wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',require.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Vanessa is impressed when she realizes that Chuck's business proposal includes keeping the bar as is, and accepts when he invites her to a housewarming party at the Van der Woodsen penthouse that night.At the party, Chuck is told by his father, Bart Bass, that he will not approve Chuck's purchase and that he's disappointed but not surprised at his letting people down.

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