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One of Japan’s most famous poets, Basho of the Edo period, wrote this haiku about sakura: Very brief – Gleam of blossoms in the treetops On a moonlit night. The ideal time is believed to be early in the day before a breeze disturbs the petals and while there might be a little dew on them. Too much rain and wind, of course, brings the petals to the ground. In North America, where are the best places to see cherry blossoms, on considerably younger cherry trees?There is a Japanese word for the tradition of flower gazing, “In Japan. Obviously, the further south the better for an early peek.The Japanese have gifted other cities with cherry trees, most notably Seattle, Washington. Japan gave a second donation, this time of 32 Yoshino cherry trees, to the University of Washington campus in Seattle in 2014, celebrating the anniversary of the gift of trees to DC.“There are approximately 130 cherry trees on the University of Washington campus,” said Sara Shores, a UW arborist.“The best place on campus to see them bloom is in the quad. However, if you miss that bloom time you can still catch the Hisakuras, Shirofugen, Kwanzans and Mt.It is a celebration of Japanese food, music and culture and culminates with a parade drawing thousands to Polk Street and Fillmore in San Francisco on April 21.

Their International Cherry Blossom Festival is March 22 to March 31. The Cherry Blossom Festival everyone knows about is the one in Washington, DC, began when the City of Tokyo, first in 1909, offered to donate 2,000 cherry trees to beautify the city.

The park service has maintained cuttings of those trees and replanted their offspring ever since.

They were: 1,800 Yoshino, 100 weeping Ariake, 120 Fugenzo, 50 Fukurokuju, 20 very pretty Gyoiko (all planted on the White House grounds), 160 late-flowering Ichiyo, 80 Jo-­niol, 350 dark pink double Kwan-zan.

Out on the West Coast, Salem, Oregon had its Cherry Blossom Festival in early March. The president at the time, William Howard Taft, and his wife, Nellie, had lived in the Philippines and seen the cherry trees in Japan.

The first shipment arrived in Seattle and was transported to DC, where, when the trees were unloaded, it was discovered they were diseased.

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Yes, there was a Department of Agriculture back then, and they found nematodes and insects they did not want to infect American trees.

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