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Then five months ago, a colleague introduced me to Tinder, and I logged on.

After looking at a few girls’ profiles, I switched to swiping on people from the same sex.

Tinder is very much a check the app when I'm bored/reply when I feel like it and maybe I'll go on a date with a match if they really wow me.

Then one day, I happened to meet someone very interesting.

I prefer okcupid to tinder (because of demographics) but theres a loooot more people on tinder.

I met my current boyfriend of almost a year on Tinder.

I find many or almost all of the people I see on tinder I do not see on okcupid so it's another huge dating pool that you haven't checked out yet, so at least there's that.

On both, I didn't have so much luck, so if you ask Ok Cupid or Tinder I can answer: - less known hookup apps and sites where I have much better "scores" than on those 2 mainstream.

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Unfortunately plenty of guys will still try to just hook up, but plenty of others will want the same thing as you. On OKC I have alot of success and I met so many people that are indeed similiar to me and "match" my preferences.

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