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He now knew that she liked having her neck and ears kissed while being fucked. You probably don't want your husband finding out about what you been doing with me, and you don't want my homeboys visiting any of your family or friends either." Tears had begun running down Christy's cheeks. He closed her bedroom door behind him as quietly as he had entered it in the morning, leaving Christy with him in and on her body and what he had done to her seared into her memory.Through the closed curtains of her bedroom window, the murkiness of early morning had succumbed to the light of an approaching afternoon sun. *********** Christy feared telling anyone about Reggie, including Dave.Something as quick and easy as a text message from him could jeopardize everyone she loved. For weeks he had been secretly boning Christy when Dave went to work. Dave's question was dangerously close to hitting the truth, but he couldn't know the truth. He just gives me the creeps." "I don't understand, Christy."Hi Honey," she greeted Dave, pretending to be his happy wife as he walked into the living room and pecked her cheek. Forced sex with Reggie was extracting its toll on Christy, but she managed to conceal her anguish to protect her family, and Dave paid little attention to the subtle change in his wife. Ever since we first met him, you've been negative about this whole thing.

"Don't," she whimpered, her palms uselessly pushing at his muscular stomach, but unable to stop him from pursuing his goal.

After pulling almost all the way out, in what seemed like attempts to give Christy false hope, his cock kept returning into her a little further. She didn't know how to respond to this sick animal.

Her hands abandoned their fruitless efforts against his stomach and latched onto his hips, trying to thwart his ever-deeper thrusts. Since you my girl, you gotta take all of me and show me how much you love me. The discomfort caused by his enormous cock was reaching the threshold of pain. oh..more....hurts..." He held back for a while, allowing Christy to acclimate, until her grip relaxed, then he bumped into her further, catching Christy off guard, her fingers digging into his hips once more as he made additional progress. I tried to pull out before I started to cum, but your pussy felt too good and I couldn't help it." Christy was speechless. She was married to Dave and loved him, but this awful criminal had fucked her — again.

"I'm finally inside you again, but I'm gonna go all the way and deep this time, okay?

" He began making tight circles on her clitoris with his thumb to help gain her cooperation. Ooh...please stop," she cried, her pelvis briefly responding to his thumb with a faint undulation that suggested pleasure.

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