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People pay attention and if you stick to your convictions, sooner or later they’ll be asking you how you do it.

I really don’t believe veganism is right for everyone because we are all so unique; however there were people who told me I was wrong for choosing a veggie lifestyle.

And of course I love gourmet raw dishes when they are done right; some of my favorite dishes ever have been at Karyn’s Raw in Chicago, Rawvolution in LA, and Pure Food and Wine in NYC. I also take a few supplements in addition to those, for good measure.

EBONY: One concern some people seem to have about veganism is getting enough protein. EBONY: Over all, what advice do you have for someone looking to incorporate more raw food in their diet or even to transition completely? It’s fun in the beginning to go the grocery store and start trying fruits and vegetables you have never included in your diet before.

In those conversations, instead of getting defensive I learned to just smile and nod, and saunter away, vegetable juice in hand. You can never go to the airport, train station, or anywhere on the road without snacks in tow because you never know if anything suitable will be around.

The header at the top of Esosa Edosomwan’s website, Raw Girl Toxic World, features a cartoonized version of herself dressed as a caped crusader on a journey toward educating people about better health.

After chatting with her, you realize how true to character that symbolism is.

In this episode of The Raw Honeys podcast, we’re chatting about why we feel driven to find our tribe.

This topic was inspired by a post in The Raw Honeys Facebook Group.

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