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Bonet-Maury, of Paris, has shown in the revision of this work, and the practical help which he has so often given to me. Vocal teaching in thes^ matters is not always available; and as it makes all the difference to the foreigner who has occasion to use a word, whether he is able to pro- nounce it so as to be understood, or wliether by mispronunciation he renders it impossible for the person to whom he speaks even to guess what he moans, the phonetic guidance given in these pages will often prove of value. Lead, and Tear, for instance, how can a Frenchman who is lieginning to learn the language tell what sound the ea may i-epresent when even an Englishman can by no possibility say on looking at Lead and Tear, whether they rhyme with ""de Hd" and "near," or "deed" and 'fair," unless he flrst ascertains whether they individually stand for Lead (the metal) or Lead (guidance) : or Tear (a rent in a fubric) or Tear, a tear-drop '.' On the other hand, it becomes impossible for a Frenchman to mistake in pronouncing either of these words when be finds given along with them, in brackets, tliu phonetic signs — line, ber, bite, ledd, lide, taire. sezor a in Salt as o in Sort : he will utter either of these words correctly enough. Ul ' INDICATIVE CONDITION SUBJUNCTI IMPERATIV :£ I .f 6 I ^ 2 ^ a S«i I- o S' = .«• o S =■ I 5 S-fa conseiller : donner =g avis : prevenir [strongly ) engager Ivn.) ,g deliberer | Be ed by me and ..., Je vous engage de ... ESTHET'ICS [& .3^ : time : time of life | a la fletir de : r , In the prime of life | D'un certain , No longer young | En de, Of an age to [ En bas , In infancy : of tender years | Entre deux s, Of middle age | Hors d' , Over age I Au moyen , In the middle ages (pi] ... Before ...'stime : prematurely | ^ Quel avez-vous ? to kneel (devant, before] AQENOUILL-OIR hassock AQENT--. ASP PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS ASS ASPIRANT* -E aspirant : candidate (a, for] _ ] de marine, Midshipman | Pompe e. if 'erous [au corame o dans sort] AURIFICATION" gold-stopping [of tooth] Aurifier' va. | Voile , Shoulder-of-mutton AUROCHS [_6-r6ks\ _ Lsail AURORE dawn : light | horeale, Aurora AUSCULTATION- _ [borealis Ausculter' va. decourageant DIS'COURSE [kor} discours : entretien : traite Discouf'se vn. impoli : incivil DISCOUR'TESY [o] incivilite : impolitease Discov'er [ke-ve-r'] v. DISCOVERY decmwerte DISCRED'IT discredit : deshonneur va. discuter : debattre DISCUSS'ION [fce-c/te-nw] _: debat : examen /DISDAIN' dedain [va.) dedaigner ^Disdain'ful a. descendre [va.) demonter DISOBE'DIENCE d^obiissance (to, a] Disobe'dient a.

And if I wish further to remind myself of the fact that no individual wisdom is sufficient for a task needing the combined intelligence of many brains. To take the combination e a in the English words Bean. Tlie sound of the English terminal BOip UI •S o 5-^ 3 C [7] I. B _ 03^ I _ d AFFAIRES" solicitor : lawver | _ de CHANGE stockbroker | _ de POUCE policeman ange [a.) d'A : angelique AN'GER [agn-guetirj colere : courroux va. en colere : irriter [60] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. Etre endormi : dormir 1 ' To fall , S'endormir Aslo'pe ad. Suction- pump fexhauster ASPIRATEUR fan : ventilator [mac U. upon | S' , To attract each other : to obtain | S' Hne mauvaise affaire, To get into hot water Aftiser" va. timde'] AT-TOUCHEMENT- touch : feeling Aftractif-iw a. | Se faire , To ' get dropped on ' AT'TRAPEUR deceiver : hunter (de, after] [jeu) Aflrayanf -e a. toattrib'ute : to attach : to allot S' , To claim for o's AT'TRIBUT" _bute [a«f-ri-6io Mte] symbol Aftrlbutif -ive a. to auscultate AUSPICE _s (pi] [au comme o dans sorf] Aussl ad. also : too : likewise : so : accordingly : but then : and : therefore | riche que, As rich as | Pas riche que, Not so rich as | bien que. | J'aimerais , I would as soon | qu'il est en moi, As far as I am able I de pris sur I'ennemi. _teria] BACTERIOLOOIE _gy ENGLISH-FRENCH BAP B [bi\ B [bay\ [pencil) tendre et noir B. bachelier-es-Je Ures Wai | To take one's , Etre repu au baccalaureat baume : Bal'tic TIM'BER bois du nord [balsamine Bamboo'zle va. maudire : interdire BAN [6an»i] | BANS ban : bans de mariage BANA'NA banane [tree) bananier BAN'CO monnaie de bangtie /'BAND bande : lien : raie : ruban [ of music) miisique : orchestre [va.) bander I [vn.) se liguer \ Elastic , Elastique | of I HOPE, Sociele juvenite de temperance : la ' 'Li0ie de I'Espoir' | -BRAKE frein a ruban ■§ -MASTER chef de musigue § -SAW scie a ruban = -STAND kiosque I BANOS'MAN [pi. [va.) rosser | To the door, Fermer la porte bruyamment] To 'go at it,' Y aller carrement BAN'GLE bracelet indien : porte-bonheur s Ban'ish va. decouvrir fefl [that, que) trouver | itself, Mb montrer.: se declarer a! dedaigneux [-lly,-eusement] -DISEA'SE [ztze] maladie \ The remedy is worse than the , Le remede est pire que le V mal I U a. debarquer DISEMBARK'MENT debarquement Disembod'ie'd a.

WHICH HAVE PREVIOUSLY APPEARED IN NO OTHER DICTIONARY. ill PC 36' PRIKTEO BY JOHN BELLOWS 6L0UCB8TER, ENGLAND INTRODUCTION. DIS FRANQAIS-ANGLAIS DIS DISPONIBILITE | En Unattached S' [pi] sums available ou in reserve Disponible a. may be had : at liberty [com) exclusive of octroi I Hommes s, Fighting men Dispos" [masc. lively : well : ready : ■ all there ' ftowards Dispose -e a. to, for : pour, towards, for] to prevail upon (a, to} Pouvoir de. domm'i-ne-nnt1 leading : prevailing [passion) ruling DOMINANTE [nitts] dominant DOMINATEUR -TRICEtu Xm : master, mistress [a.) ruling : domineering DOMINATION" — [Tte-nti] dominion : rule DOC ENGLISH— FRENCH DOM Dock tve [emplacement) to command a view of : to loolv down upon ifortif.) to command fminican OOMINICAIN" -E —can friar [ou mtii] [a.) Do- Dominical -e a. hard ; rigorously : roughly DURE-MERE dura mater Durer' vn. to raise: to elevate [batir) to build: to erect [enfants) to bring up [animaux) to breed | ... to the skies | S' , To rise : to spring up, come, run up : to increase : to be brought up, bred [chiifres) to amount (a, to] ^LE'VEUR breeder | ELE'VURE eruption ELFE elf Elide -e pp. endurant : qui endure [lasting) durable End'wise ad. affaiblir | _MENT affaiblisse- ENFEO-FF'MENT infgodation [ment A point (S') means silent, or ON* LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. broken open : buried : sunk [pers) ruined : 'done for' ENFORCEMENT" recess : depth : breaking in, into, open, through : sinking Enfoncer" txi. sanitarv I HYMEN, HYMt Nt E Hymen : union HYMfe NOPTfe RES- [pi] _optera H'YMNE [* f.] [ee-j»'nn] hymn' [himm. mortgaged | Mai , [fig] On his last legs HYPOTHESE hypoth'esis In'fantine a. in an inferior manner [au-dessous) below (a, ...] INFERIORITY _ty [iimfiri-orr'it^ Infernal -e a. barren INFERTILITE barrenness : sterility Infesler' va. [into, a] infuser : inspirer INFU'SION : suggestion : inspiration Inge'nious [.inn-djin-ye-ss'] a. uneasy | S' de, Tobeun- § easy at [ou on ...'s account] to trouble one"s = self about : to care for f INQUIETUDE uneasiness : anxiety : rest- , i lessness : disquietude I INQUISITEUR —tor [a.) scrutinizing yi NQVISITION- _ Insaisissable a. not liable to seizure [fig) impossible to grasp, ou get hold of Insalubre a. joyeux : gai : enjoue .-JOG secotisse: cahot j -TROT petit trot 5 Jog Dogge'd] va. avec] joindre : unir : associer [roads) relier [v;.) se j : s'u : s'a : se toucher : adherer a | He will us. again [rejoin] Rejoindre JOIN'ER menuisier | Y nietiuiserie ^JOINT : jointure : articulation [of finger) phalange [hinge) chamiere [knot) no^ud [of meat) morceau : grosse piece (de viande^ [T piece for gas-pipe, etc.) raccord | To put one's arm out of Se demettre le bras | ^ Out of Derais | To make a Faire un J i ■- Universal Joint universel [or de Cardan] .5 a. to trial | Prononcer le , To pass sentence Juger' va. Jewess [a.) Jewish | Petit ,' Funnj--bone JUILL-ET- July | JUIN" June JVIVERIE Jews' quarter : Jew's trick JUJUBE — [the plant] JUJUBE [or pate de jttjtibel [the extract from the plant] JULIENNE gilliflower [soijpe) vegetable JUMEAU. just : equitable : legitimate : correct [tech) true [precis) exact Ittieolog.) righteous [tres etroit) tight [ad.) j ust : right : properly : exactly : closely | Au , Precisely : exactly | Comme de Of course : as it should be -MILIEU happy medium : golden mean Justenient' ad. jusqu'aux genoux | -BREECHES (pi] ailotte courte I -CAP [bone) rotule [knee-pad) genouillere | -PIECE coude | _ TIMBERS (pi] bois courbant | ... Saucepan] VPAN'CAKE [kike} crepe Pan'der [pann] i»i. to particularize PARTICULARITE particular circumstance : peculiarity fto the nobility PARTICULE particle | Avoir la _, To belong PARTICULIER" [simple _) private individual | 'Voila le _! | En _, Separately : in private : aside Parllculier" -iere a. Partaken] [of, a] participer : prendre part Par'Hal [parcfte-'J] a. piller | R pillard PILL'AR [Je-r] pilier : colonne -BOX boite aux lettres PILLION [i/e-rm] coussinet | PILLAW' pilau PILL'ORY [pil-e-re\ pilori [va.) mettre au P PILL'OW bv nul] oreiller [fig) couclie \ -CASE, -SLIP, taie d'oreiller | To have a _ FIGHT, Se battre a coups d'oreillers PI'LOT [pat-Je-f] pilotefeo [coast ) lamaneur Iva.) piloter | -BOA'T bateau-P | -COA'T paletot-P \_it) vareuse PIL'ULE [j/ott Je] fea : dragee PIMP entremetteur -ettse : 'maquereau' PIM'PERNEL' pimprenelle Pim'ping a. pre-r} priere [of a petition) de- mande | Lord's , Oraison dominicale : Pater | -BOOK livre de prieres Preach [p Kte Ae] vn. first : firstly (.first class PREMISSES- [pi] premises Pr^munir va. premier ministre : president du conseil (des ministres] SHIP [Ja)pr&' va. gazouiller : murmurer PUR'LIEUS [pi] environs [haunt) repaire PUR'LIN. pour) expres : tout expres | Much to the Fort apropos [V.

Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. Oermain 19 West Utii Street Paris New York 1919 All rights reserved. to arrange : to prepare : to get ready : to dispose (a. [dion' -re-ie-l] lasting Duranf prep, during | DUR-BEC hawfinch Durcir va. &se vr.) to harden : to get hard [ou stiff] DURCISSE-MENT" hardening : stiffening DURE i Coucher sur la , To sleep on the bare ground | J'en vis de s, I had to rough it | En faire voir de s a C D, To lead C D a sorry life DUREE duration : continuance [etoffes) wear | L'espace et la , Time and space Dureitienf ■ ad. raised : elevated : high [style, etc.) lofty [instruit.ijers) brought up [animal) bred Bien, Mai _, Well-bred, Ill-bred file'ver" va. endurer : supporter : souff'rir [im.) durer Endu'ring [enndiou'] a. swollen : inflated : puffed up [des voiles) taut | Enller" v. out (de, with] ENFLECHVRES- [pi] ratlines ENFLTJRE swelling : inflation Enfonce -e a. hydropa'thic ^H-YENJS hyena [/jat-i'-na] I H- YGIENE — Viai-djine^ laws of health H'vgienique a. to] [ehiffre) less (than] Iseog, prix, elasse) lower | emenf ad. JUSTICE de PAIX] JUGEMENT' judgment : sentence : decision : opinion | Le dernier, The day of J | Mettre en , To bring ... He loves even his JUSQUIAME henbane [.enemies JUSTAUCORPS" close body-coat : long corse- let bodice Juste a. sense) pamphletaire fea /'PAN terrine [for paints) godet [agr) croute | S Baking Tourtiere | Dripping , Leche- s frite I Frying- — Poele | Stew Preserving , — , Bassine [T. Aimer : avoir un faible pour | PARTIALITY iparchi-al'- e-te"\ [unfair) _ite' [liking) pre'/fe Vence [txtrtie Par'tlally [pdr'-clie-le'] ad. participer (in, a] PAR'TICr PLE Ipdr] participe PAR'TICLE I par-tiki} particide : parcelle : mo Uciile I Parti-coloure'd [F. Her : determine : special : ^ exact [exacting) exigeant | I'm not , Je s n'y tiens pas : je ne suis pas difficile va. PRE PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS PRE PR^AU court-yard \_d\ine jrrison) airing-yard [A'icole) play-shed PREBENDE [en, an] _d | _DIER" prebendary Pr) chief cabin : saloon [d'atelier) forewoman [typ) first proof [theat) first night [ loges, pi.) first tier boxes : dress circle | Je vais en , I go [ou I am going] Premifiremenf ad.

subjonctif «/e'ot geologic tech mot technique : tech- ge'o»i geometric nical word ffram grammairc typ typographic : printing hist histoire : history V. Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. BEA FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS BEA BEAU tx^ guod things (pi] best : excellence Ipers) dandy | Du ! Only before a noun, however : so that "H est beau et gai " is correct. [to, pour] desagreable [-bly, -ment] DISAGREE'ABIi ENESS [pr. (Table 16) to discourse : to des- cant (sur, upon] DISCOURS" discourse : lecture : talk | Du _, Igrani] Of sjieeeh | Faire un , To make a speech : to deliver an address (sur, on] Discourtois" -e a. In ...'s power | nnaire a — onary DISCULPATION" exculpation : exoneration Dlsculper' va. to discuss : to debate [dr) to dis- Disei'f -e [s, z"] a. ive : harmless fflooding INONDATION" inundation [fam) flood iagj-) Inonder' va. e [tiouiie] unseasonable [-emenf -ly, -bly] ill-timed INOPPORTUNITE unseasonableness Inorganique a. instantane [-ly, -ment] _ PHOTO, instantane NESS instantaneite In'stantly [inn' ste-nntt-lel ad. to inform against i S' To gain information Instruit' -e a. Instruire] trained [savant) learned | Tres Fort Well-informed INSTRUMENT-— [pr. to draw up a charge (or a INSTRUMENTISTE instrumentalist j INSU I a r de. unknown to | a mon , ^ Without niv knowledge : unawares ; ly SUBORDiy ATION-— I Insuboi'donne-e a. insufficiently ' INSCFFISAXCE insufficiency | Insufflsant'-e a.

a 4 «l oj Tu I ■ •» DICTIONARY OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ENGLISH AND FRENCH COMPILED BY JOHN BELLOWS RKVISED AND ENLARGED BY HIS SON WILLIAM BELLOWS WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Auou STK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau Of/Icier de V Inslruction Pii Uiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, Etc. ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking. To have : to be able to command | Se , To pre- pare : to be disposed DISPOSITIF arrangement: contrivance: motion DISPOSITION" _ 03^ (a, to] arrangement : design : tendency : taste : aptitude [dr, etc.) disposal : provision | a. At ...'s dis- posal I En bonne Well and hearty | En bonnes s. refuter DISPUTA'TION [.tecltenn^disatssion : dispute Disputa'tious a. 1 I Oraison e, Lord's Prayer | DOMINICALE Sunday sermon DOMINO _ I —TERIE fancy paper DOM'MAQE [a, to] damage : loss : injury | C'est que. to last : to stand : to endure : to con- tinue --boy : S-maid ECURIE stable [wagon- ect(rt«) horse-box [fig) equipage : stud | Cheval a of fashion [jplais) ■ swell ' [a.) elegant Klegiaque a. elementary fett PHANT- _ [Barrir = to trumpet] de MER walrus ELEPHANTIASIS [teeahzeece] _ [tai'-e-fiss'] t LE-VAQE breeding fe Lfe VATEUR —tor [hydraulique) lift ELEVATION" : raising : increase : rise ^L^VE [) midshipman | line en c Hambre, A XHir- ^ lour hoarder | S' de boys [V. de champ [end to end) bout a bout ENE'MA le-ni-ma] [the inst.) clysopompe : se- ringue \ To take an , Prendre un lavement EN'EMY [en-e-me] ennemi -e (to, de] Enorget'ic [djett] a. to drive in ; to sink : to bury : to hide : to let ... in the oven [fig) to embark (dans, in] to begin 1 a 1" At the outset I Bien , To make a good start Enfrcindre va. h asp] H- YPERBOLE hyperbola [exag.) hyperbole H"yperbolique a. —ch'oiidri'acal Jf • YPOCONDRIE —ch-on'dria n- YPOCRISIE hypoc'risy H-YPOORITE _ [hipp'o-kr Ut, h asp} a. ic lliai-po-dettr'-mic, h H-YPOSULFITE de SOUDE _phite of soda H'ypoth'ccaire a. of [ou on] mortgage | Creancier Mortgagee HYPOTHEQUE mortgage | Purger r_, To clear off the M 1 r' va. en- fantin : d'enfant [early) premier IN'FANTRY [inn'fe-nntre} infanterie feo MAN fantassin : 'biffin' Infat'uate Ifatt-you-ete'i v. to infest (de, with] INFID^LE [nforme INFORM'ANT [»ie-'(i»i(e] correspondant : per- sonne qui informe : deposant INFORMA'TION _ : renseignements (pi] [of, s de) avis : intelligence [acquirements) connais- ^sances : lumieres (pi] To lodge an against, «^ Denoncer : porter plainte centre | For further *S apply to ..., Pour plus amples renseigne- *nients s'adresser a ... | Well- , 111- , Bien, Mai ren- 1NFORM'ERdenonciateur:delateur:'mouchard' INFRE'QUENCY \_friq-otte-nn-ce"] rare U Infre'quent [innfrxq-o^te-nntt'] a. enfreindre : violer \) empieter _MENT [of, a) infraction [of patent) con- trefofon [on, sur) empietcment Infu'riate iinn-fiou-riete'] va. ingenieux INGENU'ITY feo [inn-dje-niou-e-te] ingenio- sitd : habilete : genie : caractere ingenieux Ingen'uous [inn-djenn-you-e-ss'] a. ingenument NESS ingenuite: candetir : naivete [336] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. unhealthy INSALUBRITE unhealthiness f-bly Insatiable a. linn-seclie-ye-he-ll [-ment" INSCRIPTION ■ _ : matriculation : term [sur i(tie liste) entry [dime re»^te) scrip [colis, etc.) booking | Prendre ses s. remuer : pousser : secouer : a: cahoter [memory) rafraichir | — along, 5 aller lentemeut : aller son petit bonhomrae "" de chemin [Ae mals ° JOHN'NY CAKE [.imeric] gateau de farine Join tw. to judge : to tliink (of] to fancy : to try I Au At a guess | Laffaire doit se bientot. [at, de] plaisanter : badiner | I'm not joking, Joking apart, Plaisanterie k part ... Joke] JOLLIFICA'TION [ke'clie-nn] [vulg] rigolade Jo U'y a. dans la jubilation : rejoui (at, de] triomphant | JU'DAS-TREE arbre de Judee I JUDGE juge : arbitre | Presiding , President j de tribunal | I'm no _, Je ne m'y connais pas | He is a good of .... JUMELLE [* a.] twin JUMELLE opera-glass [a.) twin | S' [pi] JUMENT" mare L*"'*"* '■ cheeks JUPE skirt [r. de Wilis) to squeak [avec) to clash : to be out of keeping (with] [fig) to assure | comme un charretier, To swear like a trooper | Ne que par, To swear' by | JUREUR swearer JURIDICTION" jurisdiction Juridique a. just : exactly : closely JUSTESSE justness : exactness : precision : propriety : proper balance [mils) correctness JUSTICE 0=^ : court of justice : authorities (pi] [the) law : law officers [ttteol) righteous- ness I Aller en _, To go to law | Appeler [or Citer] en To sue : to go to law with | De- mander , To seek redress | Faire de ..., To treat ... I Remuer : gigoter | To at it [tig] L'accepter I bien vite | To _ on (one's horse.] enfourcher V (son cheval] [V. Eng.] JUMP'ER [dje-7nmpe-r'] sauteur jonction [railw.) embrancheuient JUNCTURE [lye-^k-te/ie-r] jointxtre [fig) con- JUKE [) courbe | On his s, a genoux | Broken- d. se preter (to, a] [to a per- son) se faire le complaisant (to, de] PANE [pene} vitre [square) carreau PAN'EL panneau : liste des jures, des mede- cins I He'd, a cadres [ceiling) ... a panneaux de chene j Oak-PAN'ELLING panneaux de chene (pi] PANG [pagn} vive dmileur : angoisse PAN'SY [pann'-ze} pensee Pant vn. pete] (a, in] to share, to take part (a, in] to partake (de. particular K^ [a, to) pe- culiar : special ilefon, secretaire, etc.) private [-emenf -ly] PAR ENGLISH— FRENCH PAR ^PAR'SING analyse gramnu Uicale PAR'SLEY persil feo | PAR'SNIP panais I PAR'SON [.se-nn] pretre [of the parish) cure j [Protestant) pasteur PAR'SONAGE [se-nedj] aire : presbytere ! a) part fee [side) parti Wa [place) endroit [district) r^fio'i [of a city) quartier | S [maeh : pi] pieces : elements | For my Pourmoi : quantamoi : Moi, ... Fairfe partie integrante de | To take _ in, Participer a : prendre part a 1 To take ... petit : chetif : ' de deux sous ' PIM'PLE bouton | d a. dire des riens : bavarder : PRAT'TLE babil [vn.) babiller Lbabi Uer PRATT'LER babillard PRAWN crevette (rose} bouquet fplorer Pray [pr^] v. precher | To ' at him,' Lui faire un sermon | down, denigrer [silence) faire taire | up, pr6ner PREA'CHER predicateur PREA'CHING predication PRE' AMBLE preambule : expose des motifs A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid : two points (S") no liaison. to fortify : to guard : to warn (centre, against] Prenable a. purger [fig) purifier PU'RIFIER [piouri-fa'i-rl purificateur Pu'rify [_piouri-fa-i'i va. ou PUR'LINE [pe-r-linn'] pamie PUR'LING murmure : gazouillement Purloi'n [peur] va. PUR ENGLISH-FRENCH PUT PUR'PORT lpeur\ tenair : por Ue : sens [ca.) vouloir dire : tendre a raontrer PUB'POSE [pertrpe-.s.')] dessein : but [■un.) se proposer de ... Manufacturing] It an- swers his to, II trouve son compte a \ It will serve the Cela fera Vaffaire \ To what ?

Ardouin, Guillemin, Claverie, and Hebert — compagnons de voyage on the journey from A to Z, who, by expert knowledge of the route, have made that journey easier. To each and all of tliese I offer mv sincere thanks. the dic Uonary.] Oue dot (T') marks u terminal as silent, except when the word immediately following begins with a vowel or silent h. May AUBERGE inn : tavern |.blossom AUBERGINE egg-plant [solaniim melongena'] AUBERGISTE [re'occ Mpa Hon[care) ' soin(-s] i V. | Call his to the fact Sthat, Faites-lui remarquer que ... if [to please) prevenant ATTEN'TIVENESS attention : prevenance Attes't va. AUD FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS AUT AUDIENCE _ : court : sitting AUDIENCIER" usiier [des comptes) auditor AUDITEUR tor : hearer : disciple | Les s, The audience [Le verbe suivant est au pi.] Auditif -ive a. On good terms with o"s I CONTENTE-MENT" _tment : pleasure I Conlenter' va. To be satisfied : to be content (de, with] to " indulge one's self g CONTENTIEUX- [pi] law cases . Lawyer's office | Chef I du , Company's lawyer 1 -eiwe a. to tell : to relate \_dance CORONA'TION couronnement COR'ONER [fcor'-e-Jie-r] _ [Eng. _ive | CORRELATION" _ CORRESPONDANCE _dence : letters (pi] [«Sl, etc.) connection : through connection : running in connection (with] correspondence ticket I Carte- , Post-card | P&ite [journal] Answers to correspondents COR-RESPONDANT- -E _dent : guardian [a.) corresponding (a, witli, to) de guerre, War correspondent Cor Tespondre rn. DIFF^RENTIEL [tech] differential gear Dif ferentiel -e He [t as s] a. [a, de, to] difficult : liard [pers) over particular : hard to please : nice : exacting | II m'est de, I hardly know how to ... Before verbs use a when subject is a definite one : otlierwise use de. differer (from, de : in, pour, en] We _ on that point, Nous ne sommes pas d'accord la-dessus DIFF'ERENCE [general sense) difference [dis- pute) differend [discrepancy) ecart | To make a great , Faire beaucoup | It makes no , C'est la mime chose | To split the , Partager le differend fdifferemment] Different a. Chagrin d'amour | Sad , Cruelle deception DISAPPROBA'TION, DISAPPRO'VAL issl desapprobation | Disappro've le-pro Cive'] va. deranger : mettre en de- DISAS'TER Idizz'] desastre : raalheur Lsordre Disas'trous[(tizz]a.desastreux[-ly,-eusement Disavow' va. licencier [vn.) etre licencie DISBAN'DING licenciement Disbar' [-rre'd] va. du tableau DISBELIE'F [life] incre'dulite Disbelie've \_live'] va. debourser | MENT debour- sement | MENTS [pi] debourses [com) DISC disque [.debours Discard' va. discon- tinuer [a newspaper, etc.) se desabonner a DIS'CORD discorde [mus) dissonance l)iscoi''()aiit a. [from, de] demeler : tirer [to free) debarrasser [fam) depetrer Discntbral' [-He'd] va. defigurer DISFIG'UREMENT enlaidissement Disfran'chise va. iontedesafaniille\ In , Dans la disgrace [cliild) en penitence [204] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italit. (Table 63) to disappear : to go I Faire , To remove : to do away with DISPARATE incongruity [a.) ill-assorted DISPARITE _ty Dr SPARm OJV disappearance DISPARU -E I Le The missing man (etc.] pp. to dispense : to exempt : to save (de, from] Se de, To dispense with : to excuse one's self from Dlsperser' va. DISH plat : mets : casserole [phot) cwuefte [vege- table) legumier | Covered—, Plat a couvercle | Dainty _, P friand | To _ the Whigs, En- foncer les Whigs | -CLOTH torchon : lavette | -COVER couvercle (de plat] To wash up the ES, Laver fa vaisselle | up u. deshonorant [pers) sans honneur | V bly ad.'raalhonnebement Dishorn' va. desagreger | To be d, Se d DISINTEGRA'TION desagregation Disinter' [-rre'd] va. [speech] decousu —NESS [le) decousu DISLI'KE [of, to, pour] degout : aversion [va.) .^ ne pas aimer (to, ...] [y. desobligeamment ('DISOR'DER desordre : tumulte [raed) mala- ^ die [va.) deranger | In , En D : a I'abandon ■S Disor'dere'd a.

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