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If you are going to submit a form to insert a date or time in a database table column, or you are going to update a record with a date or time, you must reformat the data before making the insertion or update.The reason is that the Because you have created new functions, you cannot use the CFINSERT or CFUPDATE tags.We will see how we can set validation to a list and to a column with formulas without using Share Point designer Taking an example of an Employee Entry list where employees will enter their data in the list; we will see how the validation rules can be set on this list The list schema of Employee Entry list is as follows Title – Single line of text Description – Multiline of text Emp Id – Numeric column Emp Type – Choice [dropdown with values ‘Permanent’, ‘Vendor’] Following are the business rules we are going to implement with the validation settings.Rule 1 Employees of type ‘Vendor’ are not allowed to enter information There are two types of validation settings, one at list level and another at column(field) level.If no data is submitted, the warning message will display.The only problem with validating time is that Cold Fusion uses a 24 hour clock, instead of AM and PM.You use the VALIDATE="date" results in validating that what what is typed in the text box is in the proper date format.If it is not, a warning message will pop up when the Submit button is pressed.

To use a date or time to filer in a query or to insert or update the date or time in the database, you must set the item to be in the ODBC format to properly use it with the database.In the Insertcolumn we will have all the column list that are eligible for setting the validation.(not all columns can be used to set validations) In the formula section we will provide formula to validate columns data.This allows you to use other date/time functions, such as making comparisons, counting days, etc.Unfortunately, there are some database quirks concerning inputting and outputting data in this format that can cause problems.

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If you have seen its output is in the Date Time format, you should reformat your date using the CREATEODBCDATETIME and CREATEODBCTIME functions to put the them in a form that is readable through a SQL query.

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