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The first woman to contact police about the pair was among those, the prosecutor said, who was recorded.

“A lot of the women on those videos look like they are not able to consent,” Rackauckas said.

This app allows users to watch Bravo shows like Dirty John on i Phones, Android devices and on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

The alleged sexual assaults occurred after she worked for the district.

The 32-year-old woman contacted the Newport Beach Police Department the day after the alleged sexual encounter, and was found through a forensic examination to have multiple controlled substances in her system. 2, 2016, prosecutors allege Robicheaux and Riley met a woman at a Newport Beach bar, and drank with her “until the victims was no longer conscious.” They brought her back to Robicheaux’s apartment, prosecutors said, and sexually assaulted her until she woke up and screamed for help, prompting a neighbor to call police. 9, 2018, police searched Robicheaux’s apartment and found “large quantities of illegal drugs” – described by Rackauckas as ecstasy, date-rape drugs and cocaine – and two “illegal, unregistered assault rifles,” along with four other firearms and some large-capacity magazines, prosecutors said.

Rackauckas said investigators also found hundreds, possibly more than a thousand, videos of other women believed to have been recorded by the pair, including sex acts.

Bravo aired the Dirty John in the US and the show is still available to watch online on the network’s app.

Amazon and Apple have episodes of Dirty John available to download to watch offline in the US, while users on selected devices around the world can download episodes from Netflix.

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