Boston dating scene 2016

She met with about 20 guys in person, and had sex with at least 10 of them in a 12-month period. – Number 11 The most surprising thing, to me, is that a real woman was on Ashley Madison.

She has been very open about this and has answered all my questions. She calls it her "wild period" – she was so starved for sex that she went for it. If we go a stretch without being intimate, did she have enough? When we are intimate, is she thinking of the 10 guys she slept with? This may be normal for the younger crowd, but not for me. I ask her, "How would you feel if I slept with 10 women? If she slept with 10 guys in 20 years, that I could understand. All of those accusations about fake profiles on that site ...

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She says she "learned a lot," and now she says she's over it. your girlfriend must have had her pick if she was living and breathing and willing to show up.

I'm also surprised that you seem to be more upset about the number of guys she slept with than you are about the fact that she was on that website to begin with.

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