Blackberry time zone not updating

Walker is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Stephen F. I was on vacation, visiting my family, in the US Central time zone when the Windows 10 Mobile update for my Icon was released. Today, I flew back to the Eastern time zone and when I started my phone, I noticed that the time was an hour behind.The standard dates for North American Daylight Saving Time (DST) change in March 2007.Previously, DST began on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Sunday in October. User Registration Form .lia-form-tos-links-entry, . User Registration Form .lia-form-profile-interests-entry, . User Registration Form .lia-form-profile-employee-id-entry @media (min-width: 992px) body .lia-panel-dialog . User Registration Form .lia-form-profile-is-employee-entry .lia-form-label . User Registration Form .lia-form-user-accepts-terms-of-service-entry .lia-panel-dialog . User Login Form .lia-component-users-action-login .

Finally, I turn off the automatic update for time zone and selected Eastern time zone in the dropdown.If this does not occur, you can update the phone's time manually.In most instances, the solution is as simple as tweaking your phone's settings.Not sure when I'll travel again and can see if it happens again, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this behavior?it's been noticed before last week with another user, coincidentally also from USA travelling within the country.

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