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Even as the series bears the familiar audio of being filmed before a live audience and the recognizable shot-reverse-shot camera work prevalent in multi-cam comedies, is quietly revolutionary in its casting of Natalie Morales, a queer Cuban woman, to play the titular character, TV’s first bisexual lead in a comedy who is also a woman of color.

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The show's first two episodes set up the world of the bar and the denizens who frequent it.

But the third episode entitled “Free Alcohol Day” (airing tonight) features Abby matter-of-factly telling her new landlord Bill (Nelson Franklin) she’s bisexual when her ex-girlfriend turns up to deliver the “free alcohol.” The series never makes a meal of Abby’s sexuality, and it’s probably a lot less interesting than the 162 rules and regulations of her bar that include a no-phones rule and a tiered seating arrangement based on time served at the bar.

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Still, the reveal that she dates men and women is revelational coming from a lead character of a sitcom whose queerness was known even before the first episode aired.

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