Bing desktop wallpaper not updating

When clicking on the "i" button it shows the same set of thumbnails from days ago.

My specs: Win 7 Professional 64-bit Bing Desktop ver 1.3.363.0 Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 4Gb RAM AMD HD4870 512Mb 500Gb HD with 100Gb SSD running the OS.

But it has no default Bing option to set Bing wallpaper as your android home screen wallpaper. Muzei Live Wallpaper Muzei Bing Addon After installation, run the Muzei app. Bing: This option you are getting due to the virtue of the Muzei add-on.

So we need to use both apps from the Google Play and its worth to try. Click the menu icon, the three vertical dots, on the home screen and tap “Customize”. Featured Art: To get amazing featured museum arts from Muzei as daily changing Andriod home screen wallpapers. Tap it to set Bing search home screen images as your Android phone home screen wallpaper.

Microsoft Bing changes its homepage image daily with amazing photography from Getty Images and other top photographers around the globe.

You need to download and set the wallpaper from the Bing app for this.

We've gathered more than 3 Million Images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones.

However, it is unstable & randomly fails to load, including when I open settings and select a pic, thus defeating the automatic-ness the app is designed for.

So these are the steps I followed to get everything set up already back to normal: At the beginning it'll show what your previous desktop image was but after loading all the information you just go to the Wallpaper section and you'll see that the new image will be there. Well, after posting the question I noticed that the wallpaper toolset could be an option to recreate the images folder (I tried a few times before with the folder full and it didn't work). I reenabled the wallpaper toolset, forced to close Bing Desktop, deleted the image folder, reopened the app, the folder was recreated but it was empty as expected, pressed the refresh button on the toolset and the wallpapers started to appear, even the wallpaper selector was updated (previously appeared with [X] where the images should appear).

Update: it seems like it's also important to erase the folder It happened to me once, and I simply deleted Bing Desktop, rebooted, ran CCleaner, rebooted again, then re-installed Bing, and it's been fine ever since...

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