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Apocalypse, was released in April 2011 to favorable reviews.

Critic Sasha Frere-Jones called it "my favorite of Callahan’s albums, not because it has better songs—those are scattered among at least five others — but because it does exactly what he wants it to do: it conveys an album’s coherence." In July 2010 Drag City published Callahan's Letters to Emma Bowlcut, an epistolary novel.

This shift is apparent in albums such as Rain on Lens, Supper, and A River Ain't Too Much to Love.

Smog's songs are often based on simple, repetitive structures, consisting of a simple chord progression repeated for the duration of the entire song.

That’s how I see Oldham’s poetry fitting against the flow of story in the book, his words fit the pictures almost literally, as best as able, and the melody is folk-simple, almost familiar, but not.Thus Will Oldham contributing to a weird comic that recounts the Christian original-sin myth with bonus philosophical twist, just seems like old hat, the form of religo-satire/sincerity crossbreeding he’s been doing since 1993.Like, give us Will Oldham on Anything but Genesis chapter 1, know wot I’m sayin’?) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who has also recorded and performed under the band name Smog.Callahan began working in the lo-fi genre of underground rock, with home-made tape-albums recorded on four track tape recorders.

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