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Be aware of your partner’s behaviors, actions, and how they treat you.

Look at the situation objectively, trying to put feelings aside.

Relationships are built on trust, and fibbing in the beginning of a relationship is certainly cause for concern. But someone who cares about you should be able to put their phone away and be present if they’re having one-on-one time with you.

If they can’t give you their undivided attention for a short period of time while you’re hanging out, what does that say about them in the long run?

They don’t have to be posting cute couple photos on Instagram everyday, but if they are hesitant about “making it Facebook official” that’s a red flag.

Are they hiding you from somebody else they are seeing? It’s hard to avoid jumping to the worst case scenarios, so you should have an open conversation about this, voicing your concerns.

Now, this isn’t all to say that you should ditch someone as soon as they exhibit one of these red flags. Decide what are the most important factors are in a relationship to you, and decide what your deal breakers are.

Here are 8 red flags you should look out for if you’re trying to make something blossom into a serious relationship. If someone wants to be serious with you, they’ll want to hang out no matter what time of day it is…and booty calls will probably be minimal.

This is almost always a dead giveaway that the person is only interested in one thing: sex. If you’re catching someone in lies time and time again — or even just once — you’ve got to stop and wonder how honest this person is. If they’re lying about one thing, it’s likely they’re lying about another.

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