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This could make sense if the savings were great enough.

However, if it is October or November and I would have to backdate 5 or 6 months to save age, it may or may not make sense.

There is clearly no “break even” here as they would have been behind the ball coming out of the gate.

Therefore, if our numbers are accurate, it does not make sense to backdate because the cumulative increase in annual premium is less than the first year wasted premium.

The point of the exercise was to help the advisor make sense of an agent’s recommendation to pull the trigger on a transaction because the insured individual was “changing age” for insurance purposes and the premium was going to increase.

———————- I believe you understand the point of “backdating to save age” is to have lower pricing on a policy for the duration of the contract.

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If you think the decision is wrong you can ask us to explain it. If you would like us to explain how we worked out your benefit please contact us.

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