Are chad duell and andrea bogart dating

"The importance of RAINN is beyond words," says soul and R&B artist Betty Wright.That's why she decided to use her 2011 Grammy-nominated song, "Go! "RAINN is an advocate for those victims who are sexually abused."Hearing someone as prominent and respected as Sen.Brown talk about his own assault will make it easier for other men to ask for help," said Jennifer Marsh, director of RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotlines.I believe hurt people hurt other people, so we want to rid the planet of this disease before it effects the next generation." .Merryn's testimony about her own abuse led to the passage of "Erin's Law," signed this month by Gov.The best thing we can do is to empower back the victims." — RAINN spokesperson Katherine Hull talking about Lara Logan Read More Are you looking for a way for family and friends to celebrate your birthday — and help a cause dear to you? It's simple: it takes just three minutes to set up.

Merryn testified that she developed Erin's Law "because no one was giving me the messages on how to speak up about sexual abuse, on what safe touch is, or how to put a face and voice on this.On ABC News "I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot more men coming forward.At first, it was very difficult to talk about it publicly...But it's been one of the best things I've ever done.I'm helping to change people's lives." — Eugene Brooks, RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Read More Access Hollywood "Our thoughts are with Lara and her family during this difficult time. It's without a doubt that she will be an inspiration to countless others as they recover from this devastating crime." — Katherine Hull, RAINN spokesperson, on the sexual assault of CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo TV Guide "We're doing all the proper research and handling the aftermath as responsibly as possible.

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