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But not all young people are energetic and flighty. Maybe you’re drawn to women who are passionate, outspoken and slightly nihilistic, and historically you’ve dated a lot of Argentine women.Maybe you are drawn to women who are clear on what they want, who have fascinating stories to tell and lots of wisdom to share, and all your exes happen to be older than you. Regardless, you wouldn’t just be with someone being into someone only because of the demographics they represent—by which I mean, their age.If you really vibe with someone, don’t let numbers, statistics, demographics and other people’s opinions limit how you connect and who you connect with.And remember: you don’t have to be a martyr in your personal life. When you’re driving at four in the morning on a highway outside Baton Rouge and you need to know which exit to get off on, not understanding your partner’s accent is an issue.Some still abide by the ol' half-your-age-plus-seven rule.Some will only date above the age of 31, because everyone knows that is the exact moment at which people instantaneously want to commit.And some simply do not give a fuck about the age gap at all.

But as anyone who has ever fallen in love with someone with a poor grasp of your native tongue can attest, connection isn’t simply an exchange of jargon and an alignment of trivia knowledge.

Similarly, assuming that a greater number of experiences necessitates a deeper level of maturity overlooks the reality: that it’s the meaning we glean from experience that makes it worthwhile, not simply its occurrence.

An international party boy who has seen the Seven Wonders from a cross-faded perch on his yacht is not necessarily a shining beacon of cultural competency simply because he’s covered a lot of surface area. What about physical limitations, libido and “biological time clocks”? These are valid concerns and causes for consideration (although Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart seem to be doing alright).

Consent is imperative; not exploiting people and not letting other people exploit you is imperative.

But don't be afraid to celebrate and embrace the thrill that there are more options for your romantic life than there ever was for your no-good-dirty-rotten-cradle-robbing-great-great-grandfather.

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And if you’re both down, you may find that their impeccably mixed Old Fashioned is, like, Cora Boyd is a dating coach who helps men change behaviors that hold them back in their love lives.

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