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The DJ will be spinning until a.m., so find your Valentine on the dance floor. Will you be returning to the previous format for the duration, or can we look forward to something different altogether also sorry in advance if literally.… including comics, t-shirt & ad design and production work.The love I feel for that grilled cheese (pro tip: add some pulled pork) runs as deep as any of this soulmate stuff, anyway. He writes constantly, and is usually putting pencil to paper, analog or otherwise.

You can check the sidebar on the right for more information.My relationship with my cultural identity has really changed a lot since then.I think it’s definitely reconnected me more with my dad than with my culture.It happened really fast and caused this incredible whiplash.Now, a lot of friends know more about Japan and Japanese culture than I do and it’s very strange.

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That’s the reason why they are all kind of at arm’s length [emotionally]; they were always meant to be more consumable.

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