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It sat in the bottom "saved" section alongside "My So-Called Life" (which has now made its way up the queue but lost excitement due to free episodes on and "Maid to Order" for about a month and a half until it moved to the bottom of the queue with a "Releases January 22" note. The day it was released it would be the next movie I got no matter where I was in the Veronica Mars saga (oh the intrigue and angst waiting for the next disc). Yesterday was January 22 and waiting for me at home was Sydney White. I start two loads of laundry, run to the store, cook dinner and enjoy the evening in front of the television. I knew that I needed to keep my excitement for the movie under control or there was no way that it could live up to my expectations. This is probably why I love these types of movies so much.

The movie starts and the first thing I wonder: why is Amanda Bynes wearing a wig in this movie?

Sydney White also known as Sydney White and the Seven Dorks is a 2007 teen comedy film starring Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton, and Matt Long, and based on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) is the daughter of a plumber, Paul White (John Schneider).

Basically, it made me so sad and wish that I had three hours of Veronica Mars. If anyone out there loves me and DVR'd it, please save it for me.

He is soon disqualified because he had already graduated six years prior, as revealed when Rachel humiliated the group.Everyone (all of my sisters and Cindy Mindy Pindy) had seen and loved this classic fairy tale set on modern greek row with our heroin Amanda Bynes.Before I go on I must say that I love Amanda Bynes. Luckily, I was heading home for Thanksgiving weekend and it was playing at the dollar movies in Salt Lake (Bless the dollar movies--greatest invention of the century).Rachel gets increasingly jealous of her because of this.As one of the Kappa Sorority's traditional rituals, the freshmen need to find a date late at midnight.

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Sydney replaces him as a presidential candidate and starts her campaign.

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