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When certain parts of a man capture your attention and cause you to overlook unattractive characteristics, that’s how you KNOW you are compartmentalizing. In your mind, you separate the things you like about this man from the things you don’t like, which you then ignore. When you do, my bet is you’ll decide to move on quickly.

No matter how cute, fun, intelligent, rich this man is, he is also emotionally unavailable, attached to his wife, and well…rude.

I’ve not always been available to meet him, which he did not like.

I’m not sure if I’ve pushed him away or if it’s really his circumstances that are keeping him away.

You deserve better than dating a separated man and this kind of dysfunctional situation.

And why I encourage you to avoid men who have not been divorced for at least a year.

Any of these are reasons are enough not to see him again!

What is it about him that makes him worth compromising your sense of self-worth and your time or affection? He is a package deal and you need to see him as a whole – the good and the bad.

On our 4th and 5th date he suddenly went very cold on me. He then informed me he was going to see his wife to ‘sort things out and move on one way or the other’ and he hoped I understood!

I was fine with that but, heard nothing for a few days.

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