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If widowed or divorced, a male relative must step in.Sometimes the duty even falls to her own son, which many young females find insulting.Saudi women, it said, must have a male guardian's consent to attend university, get married, travel abroad, hold certain jobs and even to have some types of surgery.

“Because there are no laws supporting women, the culture and customs overcome everything and when things go to court it’s in the hands of the judge, who also is biased against women,” said Al Duwaisi.Such behavior rarely gets punished because the guardian system is underpinned by a legal system that is a bastion of male ultraconservativism.Saudi judges have wide discretion to rule according to their personal interpretations of Sharia, or Islamic law, because Saudi Arabia has no written legal code.“A 13-year-old boy as the guardian of an old woman?Really, it’s very humiliating,” said a twenty-something college student in Jeddah.

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