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So, 86% of all the magazines would fetch less than £10, and 99.66% less than £65.By the end of page 30, prices were down to £30 (again, typically, half the lots were unsold).By page 83, the price was under £10, but only about a quarter of the lots sold; there was page after page of bulk-selling, pay-it-now items at £15 and £10 not selling.The same period saw more than 130 pages listing titles for £1 or less - most of which did not sell. The cheapest was £1.95 (issue 40 in good condition with a 'loose' cover). A copy of issue 26 didn't sell; another sold a week later for £4.20. Two copies of Then people might buy a one-off title, for example to commemorate a birthday or rekindle a teen/childhood event - or seek inspiration for a 70s theme party.

Don't use sttock pictures or someone else's image - that is not what you are selling. Magforum is regularly quoted on the history or background of a magazine on e Bay, which is fine as long as you credit the source.

By 2015, there were 600,000 magazines for sale at any time in the UK alone on uk.

This page analyses e Bay sales and discusses collecting magazines: One way to get a feel for the magazine market is through uk - and it demonstrates big growth in magazine sales online.

Even a copy in mint condition would be unlikely to go for 12 times that. If you have a collection of No doubt you can see ways to improve the search based on the results that you don't want.

Be careful though, because you will also remove results for your target magazine that use that word in the description.

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