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She took advantage of the situation -- I'm pretty glad she did.. I live alone in one bedroom ground floor apartment in moderately nice neighborhood. After many years of being sexually active both in and out of my marriage, I haven't been with a woman for over 2 years.

Not by my choosing, it's just worked out that way due to a lot of circumstances.

After about an hour of getting to know each other she ask to use the restroom.

When she returned she was wearing a black see-through teddy, black garter belt and black stockings and g-string. We sat on the couch and continued the kissing and started mutually caressing.

" "I'm Becca, your neighbor from across the way." She said pointing across the parking lot.

May I come in it's really cold out here." Before I could answer she caught me off guard by pushing the door in and stepping inside.

After a few minutes of kissing and lick around her mound I helped her shift her weight so she was on her back with her legs pulled wide apart and her knees close to her head, exposing now swollen pussy lips.

After kissing her labia a little longer I probed her slit with my tongue, running up and down the full length of her wonderfully scented and tasting pussy, working my way around her clit which was now fully extended.

A lady I had never seen before stood waiting, looking around and began to knock again.

She has lived here for several years and kind of in the same boat I am situation wise. I always thought a woman could have sex pretty much anytime she wanted it, but I guess that depends on exactly what she wants and is willing to do to get it.

After the introductions I ask her if you would like for me to reciprocate. I invited her back any time she saw me home and she said she would be coming to see me soon. I should add, she was a somewhat attractive red head, about 5'6". She was wearing a coat and sweat pants and kept them on the entire time she was with me.

Tucking my dick back into my pajama bottoms, I reluctantly went to the door and peeked through the peep-hole.

Opening the door just slightly I ask "Can I help you? I would like to help you with what you have been doing." "Who are you?

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