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NET Framework cleanup tool on every operating system.

The cleanup tool contains logic so that if it is run on an OS version that includes the .

NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0 from Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

In addition, if you run the cleanup tool on an OS that has any edition of the .

To run the cleanup tool in silent mode, you need to download the cleanup tool, extract the file cleanup_from the zip file, and then run it using syntax like the following: in this example must exactly match one of the products listed in the Supported products section above.

For example, if you would like to run the cleanup tool in silent mode and remove the .

NET Framework installed as a part of the OS, it will prevent you from using the .

NET Framework - All Versions option because there is at least one version that it cannot remove.

NET Framework Cleanup Tool User's Guide Introduction This .

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NET Framework 1.1, you would use a command line like the following: One important note – as indicated above, the cleanup tool will not allow you to remove a version of the .

NET Framework that is installed as part of the OS it is running on.

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