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I’ve left myself signed in and had a friend post some jive on mine before, and have even come across accounts that were left open to fuck with.

Based on the evidence that continues to be released, it appears that Tracy‘s account was in fact hacked and all fingers are pointing to 4

I’ve been using them for a while and remember when Jenna Jameson only had 11 Myspace friends and it still showed ingenuity to exploit the template to promote your band and/or other projects. It’s like handing someone an X-box 360 controller and asking them to play Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, or some other crazy-ass, weird, intense game, when they haven’t fucked with any video game technology since Pong.

The operations can become a lot more confusing than it would for someone that went from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to Super Mario World, etc.

The internet was hardly bumping at all when that one guy flipped his lid and killed his friend over a confession of love on a Jenny Jones episode.

but things like this aren’t common knowledge to everyone.

Over the years, the 4chan message board has been the source of origin for endless amounts of internet memes.

This time, the story seems to be that a list of emails, passwords, and social network info was stolen from a Christian dating site and poor ol’ Tracy Turkish Brooks is, so far, the most famous target of the spreading Christian Facebook victims. I’m curious about how long it is actually going to take before I start seeing the “lovecave” with the facebook font that I photoshopped for the header image, bouncing around the internet and landing on T-Shirt.

It’s difficult to regulate and that’s partially what’s so great about it.

It’s also the reason that people can spend the rest of their lives being recognized as a youtube child star, medicated from a dental visit, and why a gopher can become more famous than anyone.

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