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According to latest data released from Seeking Arrangement in 2014, a staggering 44 percent sugar babies on the site are in college, a number that continues to inflate annually.And the growth isn’t just concentrated in certain areas.The average allowance hovers around ,500 dollars a month for a standard sugar relationship.Sugar benefactors then counter with their own expectations, what they desire out of a suitable companion.In the midst of the unpacking, the woman rearranges her bag, inadvertently revealing a pair of brand new headphones with a mysterious envelope attached to them.“What did you all do for the weekend? The woman beamed with a thousand watt smile, reminiscing on the impossible chain of events that lead to her semester tuition paid off in a matter of a months.No one knows that this woman, alias “Jazi”, is a rising member in the world of “sugar dating,” a style of dating in which wealthy people pay for the companionship of someone else under set guidelines.

After a particularly frustrating break up, Jazi decided to look into sugar dating as a wide-reaching solution to all these issues.“Sugar dating played around in my head for a while but I finally decided I needed a change”, said Jazi. I have a background in understanding relationships, and I know that I’m a good communicator that a set of skills to sell.

There are schools in every region of the country with sugar baby communities including Arizona State University, New York University, The University of Alabama, University of Minnesota and University of California, Berkeley, all of which are among the top 20 schools in student growth rate for 2017.“The arrangements I’ve been in are genuine matches where we benefit ‘with’ each other, not from.

When I first talked to my friend about arrangements, I realized ‘what’s the difference between this and dating, except I’m getting paid? Jazi, 22, is a communication studies major at Long Beach State University and is set to graduate within the next year.

However, participation in sugar dating has grown exponentially over the past decade with the creation of sugar dating websites, notably the industry vanguard Seeking

There are over 10 million members on Seeking Arrangement alone, eight million of whom are beneficiaries known as the female “sugar babies,” and the male “sugar puppies.”Increasing enrollment in these websites is powered by a distinct demographic: college students.

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