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Two of my friends even have similar age gaps in their relationships.Don't worry what other people think, what matters is that you have things in common and that you make each other happy.My parents, for example, don't know he exists, and when I go to meet him I just say i'm going to meet my mates instead. I'm relatively mature most of the time, and he's still a teenager inside. We started out the same as you, and our relationship progressed in the same way, just over a longer period of time by the sounds of it. Sometimes things don't work and the reason stems back to the age gap. Ps just want to add this kind of gap is only really okay from age 16/17 upwards at the least.

My concern is that you two are not at the same stage in your lives.You built up a real friendship first and took the time to get to know eachother.You are really comfortable around eachother and were friends with benefits as a 'practise run' rather than jumping straight into a serious relationship.People aren't trading cards with stats you can just swap in and out. It's not just as simple as going oh well and finding a better-suited model.**** everyone else, you sound sensible and this is more than about just sex.

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