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Meanwhile outdoors, the mother cleverly enticed gang member "Weasel" to have sex (she had also convinced him to have his hands tied behind his back) - he told her: "Now you just unzip me, and that's all l'll need you for." At first, his penis ("little thing..little fellow") became caught in his zipper and he was unresponsive, but as she touched him more and more, he warned: "lf you don't watch it, l'm gonna come." She urged: "Please come then, sweetie." He asked: "Don't you want me to do you good and proper? After returning home, she fought off Sadie with a knife, and then was able to slash her throat with the weapon in the pool.

In the film's story, a distraught, confused, grieving widower and middle-aged (45 years old), overweight American exile Paul (Marlon Brando) - after his wife's recent suicide - plunged into a sado-masochistic, physical (yet impersonal and basically anonymous) relationship with young, full-breasted 20 year-old Parisienne ingenue Jeanne (Maria Schneider).

This ugly scene was intercut with views of 'surprise party' preparations for Mari by her parents John and Estelle Collingwood (Gaylord St. Ironically, in a later scene, the escaped convicts took refuge in the home of the upscale small-town parents, the hospitable Collingwoods - where there was animalistic payback revenge/slaughter of the gang.

In grotesque sequences of ultra-violent revenge, the father semi-electrocuted Krug, chipped out his teeth out with a chisel (in a dream sequence) and pursued him with a chainsaw and killed him (off-screen, evidenced by blood splatter). I can come five or six times if you want me to." She sank down to crotch-height, and as he was climaxing, she viciously bit off and dismembered his penis.

Phyllis' left hand and half of her forearm were amputated (off-screen).

Meanwhile, red-wearing Mari had Krug's name carved into her upper chest and was then brutally raped (as he drooled onto her face).

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In the mid-70s, actor Reems was prosecuted by the federal government (under the Nixon administration) on obscenity charges - a first - although later overturned, and the film was championed by Hollywood and other intellectuals for its liberated defense of First Amendment rights.

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