10 commandments of dating workbook

Some unscrupulous married gentlemen get their thrills from flirting on dating sites.

Thou Shalt Always Stay Safe It almost goes without saying, never arrange to meet anyone you don't fully trust.

Just because you'd be delighted if a stranger on a bus asked you about your deepest fantasies, not everyone else would. Right: 'I really like curling up with a good book and a hot water bottle, it's even better when there's a beautiful girl lying next to you...' Mr. Thou Shalt Be Honest At All Times This goes hand-in-hand with being realistic. Thou Shalt Be Witty And Concise Avoid writing a novel when messaging a potential partner.

Wrong: 'No sexual act is too foul or depraved for me. By all means make the most of what you've got, jazz yourself up and inject a bit of spice into your CV - but don't outright lie. Keep you messages short and sweet - this will encourage you to make the most of the words you do communicate, hopefully making you appear deeper and more witty.

Thou Shalt Be Fully Proactive There are plenty of potential partners out there waiting for you, but just like in real life competition is stiff. By all means give it a shot, but remember the aim of online dating is to set up a real face-to-face date - and if she doesn't like your face when you turn up, you'll be in for an embarrassing brush off.

To maximise you chances target as many people as possible and try not to get hung-up on that one girl who used to be a playboy bunny - every other man on the site will have messaged her too. Normal rules of dating apply: go for those who are realistic and whom you feel you'll genuinely click with. Right: 'I don't have a private plane or a yacht, but if love was worth money I'd be a millionaire.' Mr.

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